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living in foreign land.

Authentic & heartfelt stories

From serial entrepreneurs to immigrants starting from zero, there is always an interesting story to share.

Tips for moving & living abroad

Special tips and recommendations given by people who have already done it.

Traveling Inspiration

The possibility to know about other cultures and places through all stories and pictures, even before leaving one’s couch.

Who is behind this blog?

Originally from Guadeloupe, I am Elly, a Product Designer by day and a wannabe blogger by night. I currently live in sunny Spain but have lived in 6 countries in the past. I especially love (and miss) my time in Asia!

I have created this blog to inspire other people to travel, to experience life abroad and to discover other cultures. Everyone has a story to tell and some useful tips that helped them settle in foreign land. Today, I would like to share these tips through A Frog Abroad and hope the stories shared resonate with you!

In Fukuoka, Japan

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What's with the weird name?

The inspiration for the blog name comes from my lovely Grandmother who keeps telling me that I shan’t go abroad or “I will die like a frog”, all alone, my body decaying on the side of the road, hahaha. As I love this expression (and my Grandma!), I want to call out everyone who lives abroad and tell their story. So if you live abroad, yes, you are a frog!

With my Grandma

How did you get this blog layout?

I made it with sweat (and tears 😭) because I designed the layout and then built it on Wordpress, using Bricks Builder and some custom code. That is challenging, but I have a whole backlog of features to bring to the blog next! It will be a constant work in progress.

Figma Designs

How to get in touch with you?

Feel free to reach out on Linkedin! It is the best way to reach me for now (yes, I will build a “Contact” page next!)

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Thank you for stopping by!
Thank you for stopping by!
Thank you for stopping by!